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Just do it

Writing is like many things in life. Sometimes it takes a long time before something becomes an actuality. It is often not the time spent doing it but the time spent not doing it that causes that. Many times we think about doing something for so long that we could have had it done many times over before we even start.

It took me many years before I took the step and actually wrote my first book. I am glad I did. If I had written a book for every year that I said that I wanted to there would be a lot of books by now. There are many things in life that can be like that. If there is something that you have
always wanted to do find a way and just do it. The time for lying fallow is over.

Life is far too short. Make a start on what ever your dream is. It is always the starting that is the hardest. Imagine the satisfaction of finally achieving that long desired goal.

You can do it